The Hall County Soil and Water Conservation District was formed March 23, 1983. Prior to 1983 Hall County was part of the Upper Chattahoochee River Soil and Water Conservation District.

District Chairman Rudolph Clark, Supervisor Tom Blackstock and others foresaw the tremendous growth and changes ahead for Hall County. They believed a district representing just Hall County would be in a better position to meet the needs of a rapidly growing and changing county.

From this point, Conservation Districts have evolved into a "unique" unit of local government that utilizes state, federal and private sector resources to solve today's conservation problems, ranging from water quality to flood control to wildlife shelter and beyond.

There are nearly 3000 Conservation Districts in America and 40 in Georgia. Authorized under state law, each district assesses conservation problems on the local level, sets priorities for conservation efforts and then coordinates and carries out appropriate programs. Each Conservation District is guided by a governing board of district supervisors, either elected or appointed, who give their time and talents voluntarily. These officials work closely with landowners, government and business leaders, teachers and students and others interested in conservations programs.

Conservation Districts serve as the bridge between federal and state resource management agencies and land managers. While natural resource conservation is a national priority, the guiding philosophy of all Conservation Districts is that decisions on conservation problems should be made on the local level, by local people, with technical assistance provided by government. Direct funding for Conservation Districts comes from a variety of sources, including government grants, special projects and others. Federal Assistance is provided through hiring and assigning of technical experts to each District. Private donations and contributions are also made by those individuals, businesses and organizations committed to a cleaner enviromnent like our affiliate members.